Exhibition of artworks

by Renata Domagalska

- a Polish artist who manages the Art for Animals Sanctuary Fanpage on Facebook and Instagram. The project was launched as a spontaneous reaction to the wild boar cull planned by the Polish government in 2019 to stop African swine fever from spreading. The cull was considered counterproductive by most experts and environmental activists.


The exhibition will involve selling Domagalska’s original drawings and watercolour paintings (as well as their digital versions that can be modified e.g. as tattoo motifs). 100 per cent of the proceeds of the sale will go to the pig asylum Chrumkowo, which Domagalska currently supports. The artist will also present oil paintings on canvas. Half of the proceeds of their sale will go to the same organization. 


Renata Domagalska is a Polish painter and drawer based in Spain. Her paintings have been exhibited during a number of art events (individual and collective exhibitions, open air events, symposia and competitions) all ever Europe. They have also been purchased by private art collectors all over the world.


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The list of major art events Renata Domagalska participated in:

1 - ARTYSTYCZNE ZBLIŻENIA – international open-air painting event in Kozłów, Poland, November 2010
2 - OGRODY POLSKIE OGRODY JAPOŃSKIE  - a series of collective exhibitions organized among others in Galeria ZAJAZD, Kraków, Poland, 15 September 2011
3 -  SERCE, GŁOWA, CIAŁO - O KOBIECIE – collective exhibition in Galeria Światłocień, Kraków, Poland, 10 March 2012. 
4 - EXPO SENSUALITE & EROTISME – collective exhibition, Galerie 30 - Le Cannet (France), 5 February 2013 
5 - BREATHING ROOMS – individual exhibition in Galeria Tarraco - Tarragona (Spain), 4 September 2014
6 - FONDO DE ARTE – collective exhibition in Galeria Espacio 36 - Zamora (Spain), 8-28 January 2015 

7 - VINTER UDSTILLING – collective exhibition in Kunstgalleriet Odense - Odense (Denmark), 7 March 2015
8 – Painting workshop with Alex Kanevsky - Madrid (Spain), 8-12 June 2015
9 – 3rd place in the painting competition Certamen de pintura Jira del Naranco, Oviedo (Spain), June 2017
10 - Participation in 13º Symposium Internacional, Ybbs an der Donau (Austria) 19-29 September 2018.
11 – 1st place in the painting competition Premio Concurso II Arte y Tauromáquia, Jerez de los Caballeros (Spain), December 2018.
12 – Individual exhibition in Art Space Joao Carvalho - Alcanena (Portugal), 8 June - 31 July 2019.

The Pig Asylum Chrumkowo

- a non-profit organization  which provides shelter to pigs and other animals abandoned by their owners or rescued on their way to the slaugherhouse. The Pig Asylum is based near Toruń, Poland. 

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